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OPI Studio LED Light + 24 шт OPI GelColor Kit №3

OPI Studio LED Light + 24 шт OPI GelColor Kit №3

42725 руб. 28960 руб.

В корзину

A45 Brisbane Bronze,

A62 I Sao Paulo Over There,

A63 OPI Scores A Goal,
A71 On Pinks & Needles,

A72 Cant's Hear Myself Pink!,

A73 I Sea You Wear OPI,

A74 I STOP for Red,
A75 The Berry Thought of You,

A76 My Car Has Navy-gation,

B76 GelColor OPI on Collins Ave,

C35Sorry I'm Fizzy Today,
E75 Can't Find My Czechbook,

E78 OY-Another Polish Joke!,

E82 My Vampire is Buf,

F13 Louvre Me Louvre Me Not,
F15 U Don't Know Jacques,

F17 Bastille My Heart,

F56 Peace & Love,

H67 Do You Take Lei Away?,
H71 Suzi Shops & Island Hops,

N37 Push & Pur-Pull,

N38 Down to the Core-al,

R54 Russian Navy,

Z13 GelColor Color So Hot It.

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